Fixing Ford Focus heating

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In the spirit of dumping absolutely any old knowledge I acquire onto this blog, here are steps to fixing a common fault in 2008 Ford Focus’s where the hot air suddenly doesn’t work. Cause (There could obviously be a dozen causes for your hot air not working, and I spent a while Googling and finding suggestions about all sorts of diagnostics. Obviously feel free to exhaust all possibilities but for… Read More »Fixing Ford Focus heating

Havana Travel Tips

My girlfriend and I recently travelled to the incredible city of Havana for 10 days – an experience I would highly recommend. Before travelling I did a fair bit of research and found some travel tips and suggestions (I’ll provide links to the most useful of these at the end of this post). While some tips came in handy, others were either inapplicable to Havana (versus the more rural areas… Read More »Havana Travel Tips

‘C’mon, guy, do me a solid,’ says FBI

(Originally published on Click here for more of my articles.) The FBI has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to “be a bro and just unlock this iPhone”, it can be revealed. In a phone call last Friday, FBI Director James B. Comey was quoted as saying “Hey buddy do me this favour will you? The boss is bustin’ my balls here.” He reportedly continued, “It’ll just be this one time,… Read More »‘C’mon, guy, do me a solid,’ says FBI

CSS equivalent of the center tag

Update Jan 2020: Thankfully the landscape has changed a lot since this post, and flexbox is now almost certainly the answer. Because I understand the temptation to sometimes just wrap a div in a damn <center> tag instead of messing around with auto margins, translatex(-50%), or any other such nonsense — and also partly as a future reference for myself — here is what I’ve found to be the CSS… Read More »CSS equivalent of the center tag

Jeremy Corbyn Loses Another Tooth After Continued Refusal to Use Trident

[This was originally a contribution to the satirical news site Click here for more of my articles.] LABOUR leader loses tooth while speaking at event on Tuesday evening — the third time since his election as opposition leader While speaking at a trade union event in his constituency of North Islington, supporters were left shocked and spittled when one of speaker Jeremy Corbyn’s teeth loosened and was accidentally propelled into… Read More »Jeremy Corbyn Loses Another Tooth After Continued Refusal to Use Trident

Enterprising London commuter discovers it’s cheaper to work, live elsewhere

(Originally published on Click here for more of my articles.) Does not commute: IT boffin and ex-Londoner Paul Tunnock crunched the numbers and saved himself a fortune. After 8 years of living and commuting within the larger London area, tech whiz Paul Tunnock, 41, had finally had enough of London’s extortionate house prices and cost of living, and turned his prodigious programmer talents to finding a solution to his money… Read More »Enterprising London commuter discovers it’s cheaper to work, live elsewhere

British Bull – Adventures in Satire

So I’ve agreed to start writing for a news satire website (because the internet clearly needs another one) that a couple of my friends set up: British Bull (note the url for a clearer indication of the level of humour we’re aiming at here) This is my first time writing “news” and my first time writing creatively in a long time, so bear with me — it may take me some time.… Read More »British Bull – Adventures in Satire

Painting Bowie

My mum used to be a massive David Bowie fan, and for her Christmas I decided to paint her a portrait of Bowie – although sadly not from real life. I didn’t want to be too obvious and paint him with his Ziggy face, so I found a great photograph of him from his blonde years, which I can’t for the life of me find now – I printed off… Read More »Painting Bowie

Prime Minister’s Evasions

Off the back of David Cameron dodging a question about tax credits 6 times in one sitting, I drew a quick sketch for an idea I had. It didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to – I had this idea of Corbyn and Cameron hosting a “This Morning”, easy-viewing morning style show. As Corbyn reads a tricky question from the audience, Cameron cuts him off and outros to the rest… Read More »Prime Minister’s Evasions