CSS equivalent of the center tag

Update Jan 2020: Thankfully the landscape has changed a lot since this post, and flexbox is now almost certainly the answer. Because I understand the temptation to sometimes just wrap a div in a damn <center> tag instead of messing around with auto margins, translatex(-50%), or any other such nonsense — and also partly as a future reference for myself — here is what I’ve found to be the CSS… Read More »CSS equivalent of the center tag

Of Ants and Rhinos

I recently opened a Pandora’s box when investigating incorporating LESS into a web project I’ve been working on.┬áLong story short, I found myself having to compile Rhino into a jar I could execute. Having installed Ant to perform the task, I ran the command and got the following exception: C:\rhino1_7R5\xmlimplsrc\build.xml:129: src ‘C:\rhino1_7R5\build\tmp-xbean\xbean.zip’ doesn’t exist. Which is exactly what I want to be dealing with when investigating a CSS precompiler. In… Read More »Of Ants and Rhinos