More Cartoons

So ever since signing up to Instagram recently, I’ve been trying to post a new piece of art or cartoon every day (or as close as possible), to exercise my topical muscles a bit. In the rush of it all I’ve not had the chance to update this site, so here are my most recent cartoons in one lump sum. To get more regular cartoon updates, follow me on instagram. Cartoons… Read More »More Cartoons

Blame Game

A new cartoon in “New Yorker” fashion. An attempt at reducing how much I telegraph the message of my cartoons.

Painting Bruce Lee

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So over a year ago I painted a Christmas present for my mum. Despite how painful the process was, I was inspired to continue, and decided to paint something for my dad (for balance). The subject of the first piece was David Bowie, who sadly – and ominously – passed away 2 weeks after I finished the painting. Not wanting to tempt fate again, I opted to pick someone who was… Read More »Painting Bruce Lee


Bit late to the party with this one but it still seems as topical and relevant as ever. I saw this in my head in the style of a The Week cover, but went with my own drawing style since I’m not sure I could have done justice to theirs.

The Snow-Bear

Just a wee christmas cartoon I drew. Halfway through I realised I was basically drawing an unofficial Liz Climo strip and did some quick Googling to make sure I wasn’t just cribbing an existing idea. Enjoy!

Painting Bowie

My mum used to be a massive David Bowie fan, and for her Christmas I decided to paint her a portrait of Bowie – although sadly not from real life. I didn’t want to be too obvious and paint him with his Ziggy face, so I found a great photograph of him from his blonde years, which I can’t for the life of me find now – I printed off… Read More »Painting Bowie

Prime Minister’s Evasions

Off the back of David Cameron dodging a question about tax credits 6 times in one sitting, I drew a quick sketch for an idea I had. It didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to – I had this idea of Corbyn and Cameron hosting a “This Morning”, easy-viewing morning style show. As Corbyn reads a tricky question from the audience, Cameron cuts him off and outros to the rest… Read More »Prime Minister’s Evasions


Another quickie on the back of the WHO report that bacon and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer.