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‘C’mon, guy, do me a solid,’ says FBI

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The FBI has asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to “be a bro and just unlock this iPhone”, it can be revealed.

In a phone call last Friday, FBI Director James B. Comey was quoted as saying “Hey buddy do me this favour will you? The boss is bustin’ my balls here.”

He reportedly continued, “It’ll just be this one time, I swear.”

The friendly mano-a-mano request quickly turned to pestering after repeated refusal from the Apple boss, who replied “Listen man even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to,” to which the reported FBI response was “Bullshit.”

Discussions between the two parties continued over the weekend but have reportedly escalated into irritated hectoring, with sources close to the pair revealing the powwow wasn’t far from becoming “full verbal assault.”

These latest revelations will not be welcomed by the FBI after last week’s embarrassing news that agents had attempted to get into the device by calling Apple’s support helpline and impersonating the deceased owner.

The ruse failed after requests for the security question were answered with “Look buddy just help me out here”.

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CSS equivalent of the center tag

Update Jan 2020: Thankfully the landscape has changed a lot since this post, and flexbox is now almost certainly the answer.

Because I understand the temptation to sometimes just wrap a div in a damn <center> tag instead of messing around with auto margins, translatex(-50%), or any other such nonsense — and also partly as a future reference for myself — here is what I’ve found to be the CSS equivalent of the <center> tag.

.center-dammit {
    display: block;
    margin: 0 auto;
    text-align: center;

Caveat: I’ve not checked in depth so I’m sure there will be about a dozen exceptions. W3C, please sort this out for CSS4!

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Jeremy Corbyn Loses Another Tooth After Continued Refusal to Use Trident

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Dental Flaws: Jeremy Corbyn loses tooth. Photo courtesy Steve Eason 2015
Dental Flaws: Jeremy Corbyn loses tooth. Original photo courtesy Steve Eason 2015

LABOUR leader loses tooth while speaking at event on Tuesday evening — the third time since his election as opposition leader

While speaking at a trade union event in his constituency of North Islington, supporters were left shocked and spittled when one of speaker Jeremy Corbyn’s teeth loosened and was accidentally propelled into the unsuspecting crowd.

This is the third such dental mishap since taking power in September last year, leading many to question his continued refusal to use the sugar-free chewing gum Trident.

Corbyn has been a vocal critic of the polymer masticant, claiming it to be ineffective and instead proposing to invest in greener forms of rechewable energy. However this latest incident has caused factions within the Labour party to cast doubts over the direction of his leadership.

“This is another example of Corbyn’s toothless politics,” claimed a senior Labour official. “We knew he had a bleeding heart – but bleeding gums is another thing entirely”

Meanwhile the Conservative party were quick to pounce on the episode, with Prime Minister David Cameron referring to the Labour leader as a “Halitosis sympathiser”.

Speaking to the press the morning after the incident, Corbyn opened doors to a possible softening of his hard-line stance, by raising the possibility of continuing to fund the Trident programme to manufacture empty gum packets.

This latest controversy follows on the back of revelations last October that Corbyn’s views on the monarchy had led him to reject a dental crown.

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Enterprising London commuter discovers it’s cheaper to work, live elsewhere

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Does not commute: IT boffin and ex-Londoner Paul Tunnock crunched the numbers and saved himself a fortune.

Computer bod Tunnock, now living in Clackmannan, Scotland. Photograph: @marktee

After 8 years of living and commuting within the larger London area, tech whiz Paul Tunnock, 41, had finally had enough of London’s extortionate house prices and cost of living, and turned his prodigious programmer talents to finding a solution to his money woes.

The gleeful geek typed up an algorithm which, after plugging in a series of spreadsheets of housing market data, wages, and cost of living indices, clunked out an answer. The machine’s advice? To not live or work in London.

“It was really quite obvious in retrospect,” laughs Tunnock, who promptly upped sticks and moved his family to Clackmannan in Scotland.

“My wife wouldn’t believe it at first,” he continues, sitting on a bench in Johnstone & Cochrane Park, shoulders hunched against the wind and driving rain.

“She kept crying and asking me if I was serious. But the machine doesn’t lie. We’re living the dream out here. Yesterday I bought a car for the price of a mixed salad!”

Tunnock’s revelation comes months after fellow ex-Londoners Gary Bule and David Lawrie performed their own great escapes: the former commuting from Barcelona, and the latter from the beaches of Barbados.

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British Bull – Adventures in Satire

So I’ve agreed to start writing for a news satire website (because the internet clearly needs another one) that a couple of my friends set up: British Bull (note the url for a clearer indication of the level of humour we’re aiming at here)

This is my first time writing “news” and my first time writing creatively in a long time, so bear with me — it may take me some time.

That said, please check out my first article and leave any comments below.

Enterprising London commuter discovers it’s cheaper to work, live elsewhere


Painting Bowie

My mum used to be a massive David Bowie fan, and for her Christmas I decided to paint her a portrait of Bowie – although sadly not from real life. I didn’t want to be too obvious and paint him with his Ziggy face, so I found a great photograph of him from his blonde years, which I can’t for the life of me find now – I printed off a copy and used that for reference.

I grabbed an acrylic board and bought a whole new set of acrylic paints – given the last time I’d used my old set was 10 years ago, they’d all dried up. I also didn’t really know what I was doing so I set out by sketching some outlines, blocking in some shadows and colours, despairing quite a lot, then refining, refining, refining, until I just couldn’t stand to work on it any longer.

Anyway painting below. I actually think it turned out alright.

Bowie - by Seb Charrot, 2015
Bowie – by Seb Charrot, 2015 — 18″ by 14″ acrylics

I also included a gif of various stages of the painting below. You can see how bad my foundations were, so I think I did well to actually save the painting. The turning point was when I fixed the eyes, and it finally stopped looking like a serial killer wearing David Bowie’s face.

Bowie Painting

Anyway I may try to paint again because it was incredibly rewarding – not least because my mum loved it – but I do have to admit it was a pretty stressful and painful process.


— Seb

Art Cartoons

Prime Minister’s Evasions

Off the back of David Cameron dodging a question about tax credits 6 times in one sitting, I drew a quick sketch for an idea I had.

It didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it to – I had this idea of Corbyn and Cameron hosting a “This Morning”, easy-viewing morning style show. As Corbyn reads a tricky question from the audience, Cameron cuts him off and outros to the rest of the scheduled programming.

Not a hugely strong idea which is why it remained a sketch and not a higher-effort drawing.


Art Pumpkin Carving

Annual Pumpkin Carving – 2015 Edition

As has become a sort of tradition, for the third year I put aside an unreasonable amount of time and carved a semi-intricate face into my Halloween pumpkin.

Previous efforts can be viewed here.

Pumpkin 2015

Art Cartoons


Another quickie on the back of the WHO report that bacon and sausages rank alongside cigarettes as a major cause of cancer.

Fry ups kill

Art Cartoons