Just a quickie about today’s news… no pun intended #piggate

America Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

A quick cartoon about the irony of François Hollande’s recent outrage at discovering his phone may have been tapped by the NSA, the same week that France introduced new sweeping mass surveillance laws for the French populace. Still trying to get the hang of this political cartoon malarky – I’m always hesitant to label things in fear of falling into trap that The Day Today parodied so well, but don’t think… Read More »America Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

Fuel Fossils

In an effort to refine my drawing skills I’ve decided to start producing semi-regular topical cartoons. I don’t think my drawings have ever been very incisive, so I’m hoping this will help me focus on that a bit, and will also hopefully be fun for people to read/look at (what’s the correct verb for “consuming” a cartoon?) So this is my first effort – a shot at the recent G7 summit… Read More »Fuel Fossils