My ‘Conference on World Affairs’ Appearances

I recently had the tremendous honour of attending the Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado, as a panellist and solo presenter. The experience was incredible, and I’m working on a blog post all about my week there which I’ll post here very soon.

In the meantime, audio recordings from my panels were made available online, so I thought I’d share them up here for posterity.

The Panels

The format for all these panels (bar my solo presentation) is that there are 4 speakers, each begins by giving a 10 min talk about the subject (you only get given the title, no other info), then a brief round of back-and-forth discussion from the panel members, then Q&A with the audience.

(I’ve listed the panellists in order of appearance, so you can skip to a specific participant’s bit. I would recommend listening to the whole thing, though. And the Q&A is where some of the best discussion happens)

The Internet: The Real Weapon of Mass Destruction
Panellists: Guy Benson, Andy Ihnatko, Seb Charrot, David Brin

Building the Best Workplace
Panellists: Seb Charrot, Jules Pieri, John B. Smith, Nina Richardson

Talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation: Millenials in the Workplace
Panellists: Seb Charrot, Andie Grace, Whitney Kroenke, James Tanabe

Should I Stay or Should I Go: Scotland, Northern Ireland, the UK and the EU
Panellists: Martin Parker, Seb Charrot, Feargal Lynn, Andrew Safir

We Want Privacy, but We Can’t Stop Sharing
Panellists: Seb Charrot, Jamais Cascio, Charlie van der Horst, John Tirman

Love, Sex, Death, and the CWA Archives
Presenter: Seb Charrot

Is Artificial Intelligence Good for Humans?
Panellists: Seb Charrot, Andy Ihnatko, Seth Shostak, Sanho Tree

All Other Panels

The entire conference is fascinating, and the discussions vary massively. I’m planning on spending the next month listening to all the panels I couldn’t attend as a participant or audience member, so I highly recommend checking the others out on the CWA Archive Page.

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