John McCain Vs Spain

So last night, McCain gave a strange interview in which he refused to say whether – once elected – he’d meet with Spanish president Zapatero or not. Not only that, but he changed the subject to Latin America several times, despite the reporter clarifying that she was asking his prospective administration’s relationship with Spain.

This comes at a time when people are starting to whisper about McCain’s mental acuity.

Today McCain’s campaign told the Washington Post that he meant to snub Spain like that. Now I don’t think that McCain’s becoming senile. I think he either wasn’t paying attention, or didn’t understand the question. But what I find scary is the vehemence with which his campaign declared that he meant what he said. It says a lot that McCain would rather damage ties to a NATO country than admit he made a mistake. Of course, if it was a senile moment and I was his spokesperson, I’d be telling everyone that he meant what he said, no matter how bad it sounded. Oh, he said he’d invade Canada? Uh, yep, he meant that.

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