Gradle from behind a proxy, part deux

In July I wrote a post documenting how to build a project in Android Studio from behind a proxy. Essentially you need to tell Gradle Studio your proxy settings.

As of updating to Android Studio 1.0, the issue has come back! After a combination of swearing and research I’ve found the missing necessary steps.

So the new definitive steps for getting Gradle working from behind a proxy

  1. Navigate to the “.gradle” folder in your user directory (e.g. C:\Users\bob\.gradle)
  2. Create a “” file
  3. Edit the file to have the following contents (replacing your own values)
  4. Go to Files > Settings > HTTP Proxy
  5. Select “Manual proxy configuration”
  6. Enter the same details you filled into the file above: host, port, etc
  7. Tick “Proxy authentication”
  8. Fill in your username and password

Tadaa. This should get you back up and running again.

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