Removing duplicate rows in base SAS

If you ever need to remove duplicate rows from a SAS dataset, here’s an approach I use quite often. Get your data. Let’s assume it’s in the following format: – ID Name 123 John 456 Bob 123 John Sort your data. – /* Step 1 – Sort data */ proc sort data=my_lib.my_dataset; /* Sort by a field which you want to be unique, and which will be the same for duplicate… Read More »Removing duplicate rows in base SAS

How to remove security from a PDF

I recently sat through an eLearning course which involved reading through a 1300-page PDF file. Instead of deforesting the Glasgow area to provide the requisite amount of paper for printing, I thought I’d read and annotate it on-screen (something I wouldn’t recommend unless it’s to save the environment) Annoyingly, annotation is prevented on PDFs with security applied, so I had to find a way around it. Firstly note that if… Read More »How to remove security from a PDF